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Introduction to Guangxin Shipbuilding & Heavy Industry Co.,ltd.


Guangxin Shipbuilding & Heavy Industry Co.,ltd., also referred to as Guangxin Shipbuilding & Heavy Industry, is a first-grade company subordinate to Guangdong Guangxin Holdings Group Ltd. Established in 2007, the company specializes in the research and development of ocean engineering equipment and special-purpose vessels. As the first company set up in Linhai Industrial Park of Torch High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Zhongshan, Guangdong, the company covers an area of 400,000 square meters and extends over a 780-meter-long coastline. It boasts a 360×39.8m dry dock and a 200×39.8m semi-submerged shipway, as well as a 600-meter-long outfitting quay, large gantry cranes and their supporting facilities, and modern plants of 80,000 square meters.


Since its establishment, Guangxin Shipbuilding & Heavy Industry, after successfully going through the financial crisis in the USA, then the impact from the European debt crisis and industry depression, has made and delivered a wide range of marine industry products, such as high-tech ocean engineering ships, platform service ships and tankers. It has customers widely spread in Europe, the USA, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and the domestic market, including Tidewater (the USA), the largest service provider of ocean engineering in the world. With its good reputation, reliable quality and specialized technology, Guangxin Shipbuilding & Heavy Industry won high praise from the market, making it an important manufacturing base of marine industry equipment in the Pearl River Delta and one of the key supporting projects in the 12th Five-Year Plan in Guangdong.

大都会娱乐场高度重视技术研发,拥有一支高素质的人才队伍,建有省级企业技术中心、省级工程中心及海工装备研究所,制定了一系列有利科技创新的机制,已获发明专利和实用新型专利逾70件,应用紧凑型深海动力定位关键技术的特种船被认定为2013年广东省高新技术产品,60.5米平台供应船被全球顶级海工杂志《Work Boat World》评选为2013年度最佳船型,入选世界知名海工杂志《Offshore Support Journal》(OSJ)评选的海工辅助船建造商世界50强(2014),位列第七。公司已形成完善的生产体系,获得必维国际检验集团(BV)质量管理体系ISO9001)证书和职业健康安全管理体系(OHSAS18001) 证书,获得中国船级社质量认证公司(CCSC)环境管理体系(ISO14001)证书和能源管理体系(ISO50001)证书。201211月,大都会娱乐场被认定为国家级高新技术企业;20138月,经批准正式成立国家级博士后科研工作站;20139月,获省经信委认定为广东省战略性新兴产业骨干企业;2014年,入选广东省国资委系统50家体制机制改革创新试点企业,20151月,获批广东省院士专家企业工作站。目前,大都会娱乐场二级动力定位技术DP2三用海工工作船已远销全球各地,客户包括全球最大的海洋工程服务商巨头-美国潮水公司,中国首造国际先进水平的带动力定位、自航自升式平台,以及多功能的全电力推进潜水支持船(DSV)正在建造中。大都会娱乐场成立以来短短几年间取得了不俗的成就,省市领导多次到公司视察,对产品高端化定位和差异化发展模式给予肯定。2009-2011年,中共中央政治局委员,时任广东省委书记汪洋三年内两度视察公司,对公司在金融危机中诞生、在行业萧条时成长,不断推进产业高端化的策略给予极高的评价;20131月,中央政治局委员、广东省委书记胡春华同志莅临大都会娱乐场视察。

Guangxin Shipbuilding & Heavy Industry puts high emphasis on technology research and development and boast a highly qualified talent team. It has provincial-level enterprise technology centers, engineering centers and research institutions for marine industry equipment. It has developed a range of beneficial mechanisms for technological innovation and obtained more than 70 invention patents and new practical patents. Its special-purpose vessel, utilizing the key technology of compact deep-sea dynamic positioning, has been regarded as a 2013 high-and-new-tech product in Guangdong. Its sixty-meter-and-a-half platform supply vessel has been regarded as the 2013 best ship type by Work Boat World, a globally top marine industry magazine, and ranked 7th in the top 50 builders for marine industry auxiliary ships by Offshore Support Journal (OSJ), a world famous marine industry magazine. The company has developed a perfect production system and obtained certificates such as the Quality Management System Certificate (ISO9001) and Occupation Health Safety Management SystemOHSAS18001Certificate by BV, as well as the Environment Management SystemISO14001Certificate and Energy Management System ISO50001Certificate by CCSC. In November, 2012, Guangxin Shipbuilding & Heavy Industry was regarded as a national high-and-new-tech enterprise. In August, 2013, it was approved to officially set up a national post-doctoral scientific research station. In September, 2013, it was regarded by the provincial economic and information commission as a key enterprise in strategic emerging industry in Guangdong. In 2014, it was listed in the 50 pilot enterprises for the mechanism and system reform and innovation by Guangdong State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC). In January, 2015, it became an approved enterprise work station for the academicians and experts in Guangdong. Now, its DP2 three-purpose marine industry working ships, which utilizes the second-grade dynamic, have been sold all over the world, including  Tidewater (the USA), the largest service provider of ocean engineering in the world. The self-propulsion and self-elevating platform, the first world-leading advanced platform made in China with dynamic positioning, and the multi-functional all-power driven diving support vessels are under construction. Guangxin Shipbuilding & Heavy Industry has made a good achievement in the past few years. Provincial and municipal supervisors have made several inspections in the company when affirming the high-end location and differentiation development pattern of its products. During the 3 years from 2009 to 2011, Wang Yang, member of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau and the then Secretary of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, made two inspections in Guangxin Shipbuilding & Heavy Industry and sang high praise to the company, which was established during the financial crisis and grew during the industry depression while maintaining its strategy of driving the industry to the high end. In January, 2013, Hu Chunhua, member of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau and Secretary of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, visited the company.


Guangxin Shipbuilding & Heavy Industry will carry on its mission to prioritize the talents and contribute to our country in an industrial way while seeking for the best and making good innovations. Orientated by the management internationalization and high end oriented industry, it is to strengthen its research, development and innovation of technology by putting emphasis on the profound combination of informatization and industrialization. It is to extend its marine industry chain consisting of research and development in design, production and manufacture, trade and marketing, and operation service. Furthermore, it is to improve its core competence and make itself a technologically leading, effectively managerial, highly efficient and world famous marine industry enterprise, thus contributing to the great-leap-forward development of the oceaneering equipment manufacture in China.




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