While the stock market has enthusiastically embraced the new billionaire-heavy Trump administration, lots of nest-egg-jarring questions remain. Our guide offers do-it-now strategies for everything from profiting from the coming “Trumpflation” to making the most of the likely tax cuts. Are you benefiting from lucrative loopholes? Find out which ones are endangered and why you might want to rewrite your estate plan. Plus, you’ll get a host of great Trump-proof buys among stocks and funds and a special year-end giving guide, with our ranking of the 100 largest charities and comparisons of donor advised funds.

Edited By Janet Novack and Matthew Schifrin

Inflation Play/If the President-elect’s policies lead to rising prices, the Trump family will be a big financial winner. Here’s how you can win, too. By William Baldwin

Trump Your Taxes/ The time to start positioning yourself for the coming tax cuts is right now. By William Baldwin

Endangered Species/Republicans don’t vote for tax hikes, but they do sometimes go for “loophole” closing. By William Baldwin

Foolproof Foundations/How to run a private charity without making the mistakes Trump did. By Ashlea Ebeling

Small Caps With Big Yields/Instead of chasing the next profitable Trump trade, seek under-the-radar stocks that pay you to hold them. By John Dobosz